Chef talk: Raymond Blanc OBE
Celebrating 15 years of the Hampshire Food Festival

Added on 26 May 2015

To celebrate 15th anniversary of the Hampshire Food Festival, Raymond Blanc OBE reflects on English cuisine and Hampshire’s role in its development.

“When I came to Great Britain in 1972 England was a very different place, food was of total irrelevance. Now there’s a true awakening of what represents good food. The consumer is much more knowledgeable and aware. They ask more questions: what’s in the food, where does it come from? Great Britain has moved on in the culinary world so much and it’s exciting. British chefs are now mature and have a true connection with gastronomy. They connect with their region, their heritage, their history.

I am passionate that our chefs at Brasserie Blanc work with and cook local, regional produce. The Hampshire Food Festival is a fantastic event and a great excuse for locals to experiment with new food and drink, try produce they’ve never tried before and most importantly have a fun family day out. Great Britain is changing, people are becoming more conscious about what they are putting in their bodies, and that is why I am such a great supporter of local events, championing small farmers and growers, like our Winchester brasserie’s Local Produce Week and the yearly Hampshire Fare.”  

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