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Lyburn Farmhouse Cheese & Organic Veg
Lyburn Farm
United Kingdom

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Telephone: 01794 399982

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Lyburn Farmhouse Cheese & Organic Veg

Lyburn farm has been farmed by the Smales family for over 40 years. Milking cows and earning a living, has never been easy, so some time ago Lyburn Farm started to make cheese with their own cows milk. Not a cheddar, but more continental hard yellow cheese.

There are six cheeses in total, the two most popular being Old Winchester and Stoney Cross.

Old Winchester being a 18 month plus cheese is made with a vegetarian rennet and is now used as a substitute for Parmesan on vegetarian dishes. View the stockists for Old Winchester here.

Stoney Cross is much younger, softer with earthy tones, more suited to the cheese board.

The farm also grow Organic summer vegetables, but can only be purchased on a wholesale basis and halloween pumpkin.

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