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Harewood Farm
Andover Down
Hampshire, England
SP11 6
United Kingdom

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Telephone: 01962 217760

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Chalkdown Cider

Chalkdown Cider is an elegant premium cider.  On the palate it has a delicate apple flavour that combines with a brioche character from the long ageing to create an graceful and refreshing drink that’s perfect as an aperitif or to celebrate any occasion.Chalkdown cider is made in Hampshire from apples grown in the South Downs.  Volumes are small: just 9,000 bottles per year.  The entire process – from selection and sorting of apples to the application of labels on the finished cider- is overseen by the cider maker. 

The cider is made in one batch each year, starting with the pressing of the apples in the Autumn.  Each vintage has its own unique character that reflects the fruit that has gone into the cider.  The skill of the cider maker is to adapt to this natural variability – using science and the senses – to create a product that has balance, refinement and elegance.



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